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05-28-2000 How Stuff Works Just like it says.  Cause we want to know.
05-28-2000 TerraServer Satellite images.  Updated with many useful features. A must see!
01-20-2000 The CIA World Factbook 1999 Fast and efficient
01-20-2000 Speedtrap Registry A must check before your trip.
11-20-99 All types of aircraft.  Pics, crashes, ect.
11-10-99 Sears Parts Direct Here you can identify and order Sears / Kenmore parts online.  Fast and efficient
04-01-99 You are one click away from the same powerful database used by professional travel agents
03-08-99 CopyKat Creations Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurants
prepare their most popular dishes
02-17-99 Discount Tire Direct - Custom Imaging Pick your car and insert some wheels to see what they would look like
02-08-99 GraphSearch Web Site graphics with a search engine
01-14-99 Kite Aerial Photography Some very unique photography.  Worth a look
12-28-98 Internet Underground Music Archive  Ask yourself 2 questions.  Do you love music? Do you have a fast internet connection.
If you answered yes to both questions, you will probably enjoy this site.  It rocks, it blues, 
it..., well you get the point.
12-13-98 Language Translator Just what is says and you can even translate foreign web sites too
12-7-98 Florida Dept. Of Corrections The information available on the www never ceases to amaze me!
Just check this site out.  Ever notice these convicts all have the same
"you guys had no right picking on me.  Where's my lawyer look?"?
11-24-98 The Digital Postcard Ever sent a digital postcard?  This is a good place to send one.
You can use their stuff(pictures and sound) or you can import some
of your own.  Works good, its fun, and you get notified when the
card it picked up.
11-19-98 The Amazing Picture Machine Type in a noun and amazingly you get pictures related to your search

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